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Who is Maryse? Maryse Ouellet is a model, actress and fashion designer and owner of a well known jewelry and swimsuit boutique, House of Maryse. Maryse is best known for the time she gracefully appeared in a various amounts of Playboy magazines, not only that but as well as her time she spent with World Wrestling Entertainment.
Welcome to Maryse-Ouellet.net. Your hottest source for Former 2x WWE Divas Champion, Model and Entertainer, Maryse Ouellet. Here at The Maryse Ouellet Network our staff prides themselves in providing nothing but the best for fans world wide with 24 / 7 news and updates. Please take a look at our photo gallery hosting over 10,000 images of Maryse. This includes images from her career with World Wrestling Entertainment, photoshoots and much more. Please don't forget to bookmark the site, follow us on twitter and visit back daily for the latest news.
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Maryse Ouellet
Real Name: Maryse Ouellet
Date of Birth: January 21, 1981
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Mini Bio: Maryse is a Former WWE Diva, making great success with the six years she was with the company, including winning the WWE Divas Championship twice during her career. In October of 2008, Maryse and WWE had made an agreement to part ways from each other and since then Maryse has made a number of different appearances, opened her boutique store House of Maryse and married WWE Superstar, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin.


Current Projects
House of Maryse
Type: Boutique Store
Launch Date: November 2012
Role: Owner / Creator
Website: Proceed
Mini Bio: House of Maryse is a fashion boutique. The boutique is currently selling a wide variety of swimsuits and jewelry.


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Have you wanted to be just like Maryse, and wear what she wears? Head to Maryse's official eBay store to view products she is currently selling. She sells anything from autographed photos to dresses, shoes, wrestling attire and more that she has wore on WWE TV or just simply to an event she has been too. Maryse's updates her eBay on a regular basis. There is a link to Maryse's official eBay store below in the official links selection.


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Have you ever gotten the change to meet Maryse? Weather it was photos you have taken of Maryse from her live appearances wile in World Wrestling Entertainment or at a Meet & Greet, here at Maryse-Ouellet.net we love receiving fans exclusive photos of Maryse. If you would like to send in a donation to the site and have your candid featured in our gallery, then send them to contact@maryse-ouellet.net. Full credit will be given to you as the owner of the images.


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Aug 10, 2014

Hey guys, just to let you know I’m now taking over. My name is Teddy, female and I’m a big wrestling fan.

All of the missing media should be up in a few days.

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May 15, 2014

Next in line with our top ten matches in Maryse’s career is Maryse vs Beth Phoenix on WWE Superstars.

WWE Superstars returns from a commercial break with Maryse making her entrance into the ring. Then comes Beth Phoenix coming down the ramp entering the ring. The bell sounds and Maryse immediately shows her attitude by throwing her jacket at Beth. Beth throws the jacket out of the ring and right out of the gate Beth fires back on Maryse with a couple of clotheslines. Beth then hits Maryse with a giant spin followed by another clothesline. Beth goes for a cover only to get a two count. Maryse reveres Beth’s next manover with a big shot to Beth’s knee followed by a kick to the face as well as a pin cover, only getting a one count. As Beth crawls to the corner of the ring, Maryse looks as if she’s going to target Beth’s leg. Beth makes it to the corner of the ring and Maryse fires back with a few slaps to the back of Beth’s head. Maryse starts pulling Beth’s hair then launching her head first into the turnbuckle. Beth fights back pushing Maryse away from her but Maryse fires back with a big knee to Beth’s face. Maryse goes in for the cover but only getting a two count on Beth. Maryse then get’s on top of Beth as she slams her head repeatedly into the mat of the ring followed by a hard elbow to Beth. Maryse then takes off Beth’s headband and puts it on herself. She then stars mocking Beth. Maryse spots Beth slowly getting back to her feet, stopping her in her tracks with a powerful kick to Beth’s back. She then gives a few elbows to the back of Beth’s head followed by the camel clutch. Beth manages to get to her feet with Maryse on her shoulders but Maryse fires back with a few elbows to Beth’s head putting her back on the ground. Maryse get’s off of Beth and as Beth is about to get back to her feet, Maryse give a huge slap to Beth. This has seemed to anger Beth as she slams Maryse into the corner of the ring followed by hard jabs to Maryse’s face as well has hard body shots to Maryse. Beth then gives a suplex to Maryse followed by a two count on Maryse. Beth grabs her headband and with it in her hand she punches Maryse. It looks as Beth was going to go for a clothesline but Maryse reverses this by ducking under Beth’s arm and hitting French TKO to the back of Beth’s head. Maryse rolls Beth over to get a pinfall but only getting a two count. Maryse struggling as she tries to get Beth to her feet. Maryse setting Beth up for the French Kiss DDT but Beth reverses this putting Maryse in position for the Glam Slam. Maryse manages to get to the ropes followed by an elbow to Beth. As Maryse charges at Beth, Beth reverses Maryse’s next move and again get’s Maryse in position for the Glam Slam. Beth successfully hits the Glam Slam on Maryse getting the three count.

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May 8, 2014

Starting in at number ten for the top ten matches Maryse has had with her career with World Wrestling Entertainment is Maryse vs Eve Torres in the Semifinals for the Divas Championship tournament.

Maryse makes her way down the ramp and entering the ring followed by her hairflip. Maryse will then take the microphone and begin to let all of the divas in the locker room that she will be the next Divas Champion. While Maryse was in the middle of a sentence in French, she was interrupted by the guest host of Monday Night Raw as he set off the pyro. She begins to insult him in both French and English. Maryse was again interrupted by Eve as she makes her way down the ramp. The bell sounds and Maryse begins to taunt Eve slightly. Eve them gives a few elbows to Maryse backing her up into the corner. Eve then starts slamming Maryse’s head and face into the turnbuckle, followed by a kick to the abdomen and two more elbows. The referee backs Eve away from Maryse and as Maryse was going to make a move, Eve strikes Maryse with another shot to the abdomen. Out of no where, Maryse backfires with a huge slap to Eve. As Maryse was going to then deliver a clothesline, Eve reverses the move, ducking under and that was followed by a dropkick. Eve goes for the pin only getting a two count. Maryse grabs Eve by the hair and gives an elbow to the face of Eve. Eve reverses Maryse’s next two moves followed by a rolling sinton to Maryse followed by a two count. Maryse crawls her way to the corner of the ring as Eve taunts Maryse to get up. Eve then does a running clothesline to Maryse while in the corner of the ring followed by a suplex to Maryse. Eve positions Maryse and makes her way to the top rope hoping to land her signature move, a moonsault on Maryse. Maryse rolls out of the way just in time. Maryse then attempts to go for her signature move, the French Kiss DDT, which was then reversed by Eve into a pinfall, which was only a two count. Maryse reverses Eves next move and finishes Eve with the French Kiss DDT getting the three count.

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Apr 29, 2014

Maryse will be making an appearance at Superfan Comic Con at Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place on May 17th, 18th and 19th for a fan meet and greet. If you will be getting the chance to meet Maryse and would like to donate photos you’ve taken with Maryse or just of Maryse, you can send them to contact@maryse-ouellet.net. Your photos will be featured on our website as well as our gallery with full credit given to you as the owner.

Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place
195 Princes Vlvd. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Apr 28, 2014

Maryse-Ouellet.net will be posting the top ten matches Maryse has had while in World Wrestling Entertainment. We will start posting these matches starting with number ten next Wednesday, May 7, 2014. From there on out, don’t forget to stop by every Wednesday as we will have a new match posted. We hope you enjoy!

- Maryse-Ouellet.net

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Apr 23, 2014

Rumors have been flying around all over Twitter that Maryse is pregnant? Is this true? Unfortunately, no. A few days back Maryse tweeted to a few of her fans on Twitter about the rumors, and squashing them. Maryse also made a comment that herself and newly married husband, WWE Superstar The Miz might start to try having kids next year in 2015.

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Apr 23, 2014


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